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The Silver Health Institute explores and communicates the latest advances in silver with respect to health. New books, videos and articles are presented to help citizens stay informed and up-to-date.

By clearly communicating what silver can do for human health, our goal is to help more people benefit from the remarkable ability of silver to destroy bacteria, viruses, fungus, and other pathogens.

Our mission is introduced by Medical Director, Dr. Gordon Pedersen:


Many Silvers: Colloidal, Ionic, Aquasol, Structured, Cream, Gel…


The numerous silver technologies loosely described as “silver solution” (a silver:water combination) are actually very different from one another. Silver solutions, gels, powders, and bandages are similarly not all the same. The Silver Health Institute attempts to help you differentiate old technologies from new; helpful from potentially harmful; effective from ineffective; good from great.

Topics that relate to silver as a health tool are also introduced by the Silver Health Institute, including biophysics, materials research, molecular structuring, and human safety.

Here are three fundamental articles explaining how silver works with different categories of pathogens:


Silver Solutions – News, Articles and Research


Articles and videos on this website attempt to answer the most common questions people have about silver and their health.

To explore these resources, choose an option from the side menu or select one of these featured presentations:

Water's Structure

Water’s Structure with Prof. Roy

Alkaline Structured Silver

Alkaline Structured Silver with Dr. Pedersen

Water, Energy and Life

Water, Energy and Life with Dr. Pollack

Silver Consumption

Silver Consumption – U.S. Geo. Survey


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