Update: The 2014 book “A New Fighting Chance” by Dr. Gordon Pedersen replaces the best-selling “A Fighting Chance.”
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Video transcription
Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen. I’m the medical director of the Silver Health Institute, and I want to talk to you about part of the mission; the research portion of the Silver Health Institute is to document the benefits of silver. Now in the past, I’ve authored several articles.

A Fighting Chance was a textbook on how to use it. Avian Influenza’s Prevention was an article that I’ve published. I’ve also published, actually, the Cure for Malaria. As you can see, these are documenting silver in all of its forms. Now while those were really terrific and had absolutely medical benefits, I now want to talk to you about some of the newest research.

The new research is about structural silver; structured silver and its alkaline capacity. What that means is it matches the pH of your body, so your body can use it every single day and this long-term use actually delivers better medical benefits than even those that we’ve seen in the past.

So, when you see articles that are written by me in the past, know that the latest research is documenting even a better and finer form of silver, and tomorrow, I hope we’ll even do more.


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