Recently developed silvers that use pH balancing and molecular structuring have gained prominence in many circles. But what are these silvers and how are they different from the previous generation of gels and solutions?

The characteristics of these new silvers include:

  • molecular structuring
  • alkaline pH
  • very low concentration of silver

Dr. Gordon Pedersen, best-selling author and well-known silver researcher, has reviewed these new developments and shares his findings below. In a series of brief recordings, Dr. Pedersen addresses questions including:

  • How does new alkaline silver relate to earlier silvers?
  • How safe is it?
  • What is structured water?
  • What is structured silver water?

Transcriptions of the presentations are included beneath each video.


Introduction: Dr. Gordon Pedersen


Video transcription:
Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen. I have doctor’s degree in toxicology, which is drug research. I’m also a naturopathic doctor and I’m board certified in anti-aging medicine and I serve with Special Operations Medical Association in wound care specialties.

This is significant because in my background I have found different forms of silver to be beneficial even when a drug or antibiotic could not be. That means wounds can heal better using liquid silver and silver gels. I have found people that have infections, like MRSA, that were not being contained or were not being controlled by an antibiotic, that used structured silver water on a daily basis and it did work.

So in my medical background, I choose structured silver water for wound care, for use daily and for use as you need it topically or internally.


The Latest Silvers in an Alkaline State


Video transcription:
There’s different forms of silver.

  1. There’s ionic, and that’s usually a single silver ion, and it kills on contact, but then it’s neutral.
  2. Then you can move up and have molecular structures of silver. These molecules are usually tetrahedral shaped, and they kill because they have a di-electric charge. That means two separate charges on one molecule, transferring energy like a ping-pong ball going back and forth between the one charge and the three charge. This is even better at destroying pathogens, because it continuously kills and is not ever neutralized.
  3. Then there is a better form that is usually put in an alkaline state, where it destroys pathogens using its alkalinity and the molecules rubbing together, plus the individual ions.

So there are different forms of silver. One in an alkaline state kills best.


Alkaline Structured Silver on Pathogens


Video transcription:
Silver destroys bacteria, viruses and yeast. It does so very effectively. In fact that in lab studies, we’ve found that if you place a pathogen that can cause disease – from bacteria, from viruses, from yeast – add to it the silver, especially in the alkaline form, the molecular structure that’s tetrahedral will destroy those pathogens in under 6 minutes.

In fact, a pharmaceutical test reported that we can destroy even MRSA. That stands for Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. That’s the staph bacterium that causes flesh eating bacteria diseases; its eats your flesh. Even the resistant form, meaning bacteria that can’t be killed by the drugs, the antibiotics can’t even kill it; silver, in this form, can kill that in about six minutes.

In addition to staph and strep and e-coli, that causes food poisoning, salmonella causes food poisoning and pseudomonas aeruginosa, some of the most difficult bacteria and yeast like candida, are killed in under 6 minutes, using this form of tetrahedral molecularly strong silver, in an alkaline setting.


Safety of Silver Solutions; Argyria


Video transcription:
Silver is very safe when used in the right concentrations, in the right forms, and in the right manners. For instance, silver can come as a liquid. As a liquid with ten parts per million, you’d have to drink 16 ounces of that liquid every day for 72 years, it’s estimated, if none of it left your body, before you would reach a point where it would saturate your system causing argyria.

On the other hand, people who make their own colloidal silvers actually can have a problem, because many of them will make silvers with 50,000 parts per million. Those parts can accumulate because they are charged with the wrong electromagnetic charge, and they are put in a parts per million that is nothing less than an accumulation of silver in the fats. So, when you get a permanently dissolved silver in a liquid form, residing in an alkaline system, you know you’ve got the safest silver, and that you’re going to be able to take two teaspoons twice a day with a huge margin of safety. In fact, I’ve never seen anybody have an argyria problem, or any allergic reaction to this form of silver, even when they take it in large doses.

What this means to you is: identify the silver, identify the form of the silver, and identify the amount you are going to take. If you stay with what is listed on the label, you’re the person who is never going to have a problem with safe silver.


Silver’s Uses, Past and Current


Video transcription:
Silver has an interesting history. Our mountains are made of silver particles, and as rainwater drains through these particles, it becomes purified spring water. Greeks used to use silver containers to purify their water. Pioneers used silver coins in their milk containers to purify the milk. What that means is that it killed the bacteria that caused the milk to go bad.

Silver has been used in containers, and now is even being used as needles to destroy bacteria. Needles for medical use. We’ve got silver that’s being used in clothing. The military uses it in the armpits and sock, and that silver kills the bacteria that causes order, and possibly even disease. So, what you are seeing is that silver destroys bacteria, viruses, and yeast. As such, we can use it in our washing machines, we can use it in our clothing, we can take it internally and it’s going to destroy those pathogens that could have caused disease.

Now we’ve learned to put a charge on that nanoparticle of silver. A particle so tiny it will fit inside a single red blood cell. Now, with that ability to transfer anywhere in the body, and destroy bacteria, viruses, and yeast, you’ve got a pathogen killing machine that’s as tiny as a single cell.


What is Structured Water?


Video transcription:
What is structured water? Well let’s take a look at the word “structure.” It’s something that’s organized and is put together for a purpose. For instance, coal has a structure and a chemical structure that’s identical to the chemistry of a diamond. The difference is in the vibration, in the resonance, in the magnetism, in the electric field associated with that chemistry, you get a diamond or you get coal.

Structure can be applied to water. I know it sounds funny. Water, with a magnetic structure? Yes, magnetism moves water just like the tide coming in and going out with reference to the moon and its magnetism. Electrically, we know water transfers electricity, you’ve seen people electrocuted by it.

With this in mind, the proper electricity, the proper magnetism, the proper structure, all can be put together in one molecular particle called structured silver water where it has anti-microbial effects.


What is Structured Silver Water?


Video transcription:
Structured silver water is very significant because it has the ability to destroy bacteria, viruses and yeast. It can do so inside the body. It can do it on the outside of the body. It can purify your water. You can actually use it to disinfect your shower from the mold that’s growing there.

So this structured silver water is significant because it has a molecular structure. Within this structure it has an enhanced ability to kill pathogens and recharge itself so that you don’t have to take silver at such a high dose.

In addition to that, you’re going to find that the structure is so significant that a single silver ion can kill one pathogen, 1 bacterial cell, while the structured silver water, has the ability to function like a machine gun, rapid fire destruction, continuous destruction of bacteria and virus and yeast, all at the same time.


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