The Silver Health Institute is pleased to present video footage of silver killing pathogenic bacteria.

Silver’s antibacterial effects are commonly enjoyed in water filters, fabrics, and bandages, but never before have we seen live footage of silver in action. For the first time, we can literally watch pathogens dying on contact with liquid silver.

The pathogenic bacteria (spherical coccus) were taken from a patient’s throat swab and the silver was a 10 ppm alkaline structured silver.



Audio transcription:

Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen. I’m the Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute.

I’m looking – using this high-tech, high-powered microscope – at silver. I want to see exactly how it works. In other words, I want to take the cells from the back of (the) throat of a patient who has strep throat and I want to look at it under the microscope. Then, I’m adding one drop of liquid silver to the slide.

In this slide, you’re going to actually see video images of live strep and staph being destroyed by silver. It happens very quickly. Here it is.

What you’re looking at here is bacteria as it approaches a silver line. The black line is actually silver as it is moving across the slide. When the bacteria touch the silver like it is doing now, upon contact silver strips an electron from its membrane, causing it to become discoloured, lose an electron, then become flat.

And you can see on the bottom half of this slide, the membranes – the dead cell membranes – that are flowing by. This is because the upper half of the slide above the black line has live cells from the back of a throat containing strep and staph. Now, as those cells come across the silver that is moving across the slide, you can see that they’re becoming dead.

In other words, silver kills on contact.

What this means to you and me is for the first time you can visually see how structured silver creates an environment where pathogens cannot live. That means these disease-causing bacteria die in the presence of structured silver.


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