“The most precious metal during a crisis is silver, but not because of its role as a monetary metal. Silver is not the most precious metal because of global supply, its current ‘price’, or investor sentiment. It is not the most precious metal because of its role in photovoltaic solar panels or electronic circuits. It certainly isn’t the most precious metal because it makes for a nice set of earrings or tableware. There is nothing wrong with any of these uses of silver, but silver has a much higher purpose that clearly makes it the most important metal any person could own.

Silver is nature’s finest germ killer. Simply by being silver, this most precious metal’s elemental properties are toxic to pathogenic microorganisms while simultaneously being non-toxic to healthy cells and probiotic bacteria.”

The Most Precious Metal

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These are the opening paragraphs from a new book on silver entitled, “The Most Precious Metal.” It is a brief book with only 90 pages that introduces silver’s health applications as an antimicrobial. The book’s subtitle is, “Why Silver is More Valuable than Gold, Platinum, or Money.”

Chapters include an introduction to silver’s antimicrobial capacity, how silver can help in a crisis (bio-terrorism or epidemic), how it can be used in specific health situations, and why everyone traveling abroad should have silver in their suitcase.

The book’s primary author is Dr. Gordon Pedersen, Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute. He is joined by other physicians, texts, and references in integrative medicine.

“The Most Precious Metal” is available in print and ebook format at Amazon.com.

To browse a free sample of this book, click on the cover art above or use this link for a printable download: Free PDF Sample.


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