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Aquasols of the last decade, and now the even more effective structured alkalinized silver (SILVER), have presented in both basic research and clinical experience as remarkable therapeutics in many diverse clinical situations. SILVER demonstrates antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal effects for virtually every surface and tissue of the body. SILVER is both highly effective clinically and is without toxicity. These properties make SILVER a preferred therapeutic for treating patients, healthcare volunteers and team members in international missions and humanitarian efforts.


International mission efforts often serve those with little or no access to healthcare, especially from conventional medicine. Tribal or traditional remedies may often be practiced, some of which are, in fact, very beneficial. Silver has similarly been a traditional healing therapeutic for millennia worldwide. With SILVER, patients may realize profound benefits and avoid the hazards of inferior colloidal and ionic silver preparations. Some traditional cultures (especially in India) have used silver foil as a dietary product for supporting gut health, yet some of the foil is of poor quality and it is not uncommon to see those with argyria, or darkening of the skin in a blue-gray coloration, in those using the inferior silver products.


This chapter is intended to inform of the benefits that may be realized in using SILVER in international mission and humanitarian projects. We have found SILVER to be highly effective, without toxicity and therefore extremely safe, and at a good value when compared to expensive pharmaceuticals that are commonly used on these mission projects.


An Integrative Travel and Mission Physician


Some of our most exciting work with SILVER has been for the treatment of malaria and typhoid fever in western Kenya. On the northeastern shores of Lake Victoria, children and adults in village projects have been treated with SILVER for malaria and typhoid fever. Over the last 8 years, most patients have been clinically responsive and returned to work or school within 24-48 hours and their blood tests for plasmodium or Salmonella typhi have reverted to negative within 2-5 days. (More to be discussed on this later in this chapter).


GMP receives applications for participation in its projects from physicians, dentists, nurses, therapists and non-medical general helper volunteers, as well as students and pastors. Past projects, future plans and applications are available at


The Role of SILVER in Missionary or Travel Medicine


One role of SILVER that may be neglected as teams organize and prepare for mission projects is that of preventing disease and maintaining good health in the participants prior to, throughout and following the mission project. With this consideration, the author encourages all team members to begin taking 1-2 tablespoons of SILVER twice daily in the week prior to the project, continuing throughout and then following the project for at least one to two weeks. This is important, as some organisms may be latent and not expressing clinical illness until some days after return from a mission project.


Clearly, SILVER has great applications for treating patients on the mission field as well. GMP has experience using SILVER on malaria and typhoid in Kenya, upper and lower respiratory infections in Ecuador, skin lesions in India and more. The widely effective use of SILVER for infections from bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi are seen to be effective on any surface and any tissue. We have used SILVER orally, topically as liquid or gel on skin, vagina or rectum, inhaled or sprayed into the nose or mouth and dropped in the eyes and ears. SILVER is well received and is without taste and without pain or irritation on any bodily surface or tissue.


It is not uncommon, especially in small health camps in primitive, oxcart villages, to be without sophisticated bio-diagnostic tools and instruments. As such, at times a definitive diagnosis is difficult, and a clinical diagnosis or differential is only available. As SILVER has a broad spectrum of clinical efficacy, we feel confident in using it when we are unable to finalize a diagnosis.


A further advantage or benefit is the relative cost of SILVER compared to conventional pharmaceuticals. Discounts for case purchases also further good stewardship of funds through the use of SILVER.


Prior studies also show silver aquasols to be effective and safe, and to enhance antibiotic efficacy. Further, with the absence of toxicity, no side effects are to be expected. This is remarkable, especially when considering the wide range of side effects experienced with pharmaceuticals, some of which are mild, but others quite serious, even lethal. Hippocrates’ charge to, “first, do no harm”, may be followed with ease with SILVER and give comfort to the physician caring for those with little resources to manage serious side effects.


SILVER has also changed My Doctor Suggests’ practice of vaccination usage among staff and team. In the past, anti-malarial medications or vaccines for yellow fever, typhoid, hepatitis and others would have been typically used. As we now ALWAYS travel with SILVER, our position is to not take the other vaccines and medications as preventatives. It is imperative to take all reasonable precautions to prevent contracting infectious diseases, including but not limited to thorough hand washing, covering of nose and mouth with coughs and sneezing, thorough washing of utensils and dishes, use of mosquito netting where indicated, use of mosquito repellents (natural, non-toxic), et cetera.


A Challenge to International Mission and Humanitarian Projects


Given the volumes of science, our years of safe experience with SILVER, the governmental recognitions, the broad spectrum of indications for its use and the reasonable cost value, I strongly encourage international mission agencies and humanitarian projects to seriously consider using SILVER on a regular basis. This recommendation includes not only the use in field settings or village health camps, but also for staff and personnel in the international placements with regular, daily use of SILVER for preventive measures. The daily small use may be increased from 1-2 teaspoons twice daily to 1-2 tablespoons twice daily or more, as indicated. In addition, use of SILVER gel, drops or sprays may be indicated, depending on site and clinical presentation of the infection.


SILVER is not only useful in mission projects that are overtly medical in nature. Any international project should seriously consider the benefits of regular, daily SILVER use as a preventative health practice as well as prompt increase if and when an indicated health problem arises. Simply stated, SILVER is safe, effective and cost-conscious. Management of ALL companies having personnel or other stakeholders’ personnel in areas known to have infectious disease should make this SILVER available. It is not only morally correct but is also financially wise.


Stories From the Mission Field




In a tiny village northeast of the shores of Lake Victoria, GMP teams have served in health camps, water wells, latrines, meals for orphans and widows with AIDS, education and school support and ministry. As we arrive each of the last 8 years for mission, numerous children and adults in the village present with illnesses consistent with malaria. Malaria is endemic to the region and while diagnosis of the plasmodium in the blood and medications are available, many go without diagnosis and treatment due to extreme poverty. In this setting, GMP uses SILVER to treat these patients. Diagnosis is made and patients were then treated with 1 tablespoon (15 ml) of SILVER twice daily. Patients are encouraged to swish the liquid in their mouth for a minute prior to swallowing for absorption to begin across the mucous membranes rapidly.


Consistently with hundreds of treated patients through the years, all patients become clinically well and are able to return to school or work within 24-48 hours. Surprisingly, this is the case even in those patients that appear clinically worse than others. Repeat blood studies are obtained and found to revert to normal in 2-5 days for patients. Due to extreme poverty, donations are necessary to provide for the testing as the people live very pragmatically and when they are once well, they are unable to consider the cost of the test in light of needing their next meal, perhaps the only one for the day or for several days.




Deep in the jungles of southeastern Ecuador, el Oriente, is a land that is home to the Shuar tribal peoples. While Ecuador has roughly 10% of its population from European extraction, about 90% are indigenous peoples of approximately 27 different tribes across the nation. Some of these are high mountain peoples, such as the Quichua of the Andes, others are Amazonian. Unfortunately, the economic reality is inverted, as roughly 90% of the wealth of the nation is in the hands of the minority and only 10% of the wealth is in the hands of the majority indigenous peoples. Such a situation leads to extreme poverty, subsistence living and farming, and lack of basic needs, including medical needs.


The Shuar of el Oriente were head-hunters until a generation ago. Now, many live in government protected reservations, much as is seen with many Native American tribal peoples. Yet, without casino gaming, oil and gas and other economic resources as are now going to American Native peoples, this is not the case in Ecuador.


GMP has served in Ecuador for 14 years, first high in the Andes at elevations of 9,000 to 12,000 feet, home of the beautiful Quichua peoples. For three years, GMP has served the Shuar in the cool, dry and gorgeous jungles. In one project, a small boy came to the clinic with a laceration to the foot. While this may be a simple problem for many in North America, lack of health education, even including basic washing and asepsis, is often unknown. His infection demonstrated a nasty wound with the redness of cellulitis around the laceration. Thorough cleaning of the wound was made and SILVER gel was applied. This was to be reapplied 2-3 times per day, in addition to one tablespoon of liquid SILVER twice daily. The boy experienced clearing of the wound much more rapidly than expected, even from the best of conventional topical antibiotic care.


In general, other applications of SILVER in Ecuador have included not only topical wound infections, but also eye, ear and nasal purulent infections. The solution is not painful and has been highly effective when used in place of optic or otic antibiotic solutions, such as ciprofloxacin or gentamycin drops.




The mysterious Kathmandu sits on a high plane, approximately 4,200 feet above sea level, surrounded by a ring of hills at 8,000 to 12,000 feet high. On a clear day, free from the usual pollution, the Himalaya show their snowy splendor, reaching 18,000 to 29,035 feet, the southern slopes of Mt. Everest, or Sagarmatha to the Nepali, Mother Goddess of the Universe.


GMP has served in over 29 missions to Nepal in the last 18 years. On one project, a small girl presented with matting and drainage from her eyes. These eye infections are highly contagious even in the USA, and can spread to all in a family living in small village homes rapidly.


Using a small plastic dropper, SILVER was dropped into both eyes, 2-3 drops each, 2-3 times per day. As with external ear infections, we have seen the SILVER drops remedy these infections, typically within 24 hours. Further, the drops do not sting the eyes or the ears and thus they are well tolerated and received.


We have also had patients who do well clinically in Nepal with SILVER for vaginal and urinary complaints, using the solution both orally and topically, (topical gel for vaginal inflammation or infections). Additionally, our team reports recent successes with SILVER gel for psoriasis that was resistant to conventional care.


Beyond these common conditions, we have used SILVER gel with some leprosy patients for their very serious wounds which develop due to sensory and motor nerve defects which accompany this horrible disease. SILVER used topically as the gel or as the solution soaking a gauze on the lesion, as well as oral SILVER, has demonstrated tissue wound healing that often is better than that seen with conventional antibiotic and skin wound care.




SILVER solution and gel has proven to be a very valuable therapeutic for both the mission health camps and for the health of the team as it travels. Its wide range of antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties make it useful for treating many clinical infections. As it is non-painful and can be used orally as well as on any body surface or in any body opening, there is wide acceptance for use by patients.


Organizational leaders should seriously consider the use of SILVER as the first line of defense for their teams and for their patients. In our situation, we have avoided the use of various immunizations and antibiotics and obviously their potential side effects due to the success of SILVER in treating the various infections conditions. Included in this is its use for malaria. While we cannot advise anyone to avoid immunizations or antibiotics, and each person should seek the advice of a knowledgeable health care provider, our experience has led us to be confident in this practice whereby we use SILVER in place of most immunizations and antibiotics. At times, if the SILVER has not satisfactorily resolved a clinical problem quickly, it may be used in conjunction with other pharmaceuticals with no conflict or harm. As this is an emerging technology that is not yet widely known, I encourage all organizational leaders to share the information about SILVER and its many uses so that their volunteers may be fully informed as to options for their own health as well as that of those they will treat on mission projects.

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