by Dr. Gordon Pedersen


Paul Karason (aka, the Blue Man) died in 2013. His death certificate stated that he was treated for pneumonia but had recently suffered heart attack and strokes, but that colloidal silver did not contribute to his death.  Silver caused non-medical cosmetic changes in his skin (argyria).

The Blue Man is known because of his blue-colored skin.  This blue-colored skin is called argyria and was caused by drinking extremely large doses of homemade colloidal silver.  Paul’s intent was to neutralize numerous health conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, skin rashes, acid reflux, arthritis and digestive disorders.  While a little colloidal silver solved most of his health problems he made the decision to make his own colloidal silver at an extraordinarily high concentration and self-medicate at very high doses.  By his own admission, he drank about 10 ounces a day of the home-brew and sometimes as much as half a gallon every day, while normal doses are ½ ounce daily.  In an interview on The Today Show, Matt Lauer interviewed Paul, where he responded as follows:

“The acid reflux problem I’d been having just went away completely,” he said. “I had arthritis in my shoulders so bad I couldn’t pull a T-shirt off.  And the next thing I knew, it was just gone.”  When Matt Lauer asked Paul if the colloidal silver cured his health conditions, Karason replied, “There’s not the slightest doubt in my mind.”

This solved his health conditions so he continued to drink colloidal silver.  The silver began accumulating in his eyes and fingernails and at any time during this accumulation he could have stopped taking silver and the bluing would have stopped.  Because the bluing process takes months or years of overdosing to initiate a color change, he could have stopped at any time, which would have totally stopped the bluing process.  But he made a deliberate choice to stay well and become blue.

The Blue Man received enormous media attention and socially became an icon appearing on The Today Show and The Oprah Show and was a celebrity because of his skin color.  His nickname was Papa Smurf.  Despite all the celebrity and human interest in Paul’s blue skin, the truth is that the Blue Man chose to use exaggerated doses of unsafe concentrations of home made colloidal silver for over a decade and it stained his skin blue, but normal doses of structured alkaline silver could have prevented the blue skin.

Because the Blue Man received so much media attention, most people believe that all silver will turn you blue.  This is not true!  It is obvious that there are hundreds of years of safe silver use and it is offensive in this world of scientific proof that one blue man continues to be the darling of a media that continues to demonize silver with rumors.   Even Health Canada uses photos of the Blue Man to warn people of the dangers of colloidal silver while the science is overlooked or untold.

What Paul Received from Taking Colloidal Silver

  • He became well.
  • He no longer suffered psoriasis or rashes.
  • The silver destroyed the causes of his health conditions.
  • His arthritis went away.
  • His acid reflux resolved.
  • The silver stained his skin, but the process took years and at any time he could have stopped the process, but knowingly continued.
  • He received social support for his skin color.
  • He received media attention for being blue.
  • He lived a better quality of life because the silver resolved his worst health conditions like arthritis.

Scientific Facts about the Blue Man

  • He turned blue only after ignoring health recommendations for silver.
  • He did not start to turn blue until months of overdosing on homemade silver.
  • The silver that he used to stain his skin blue was homemade, unregulated, extremely high doses of very highly concentrated silver taken for over a decade.
  • He could have stopped taking his silver at any time and the process would have stopped.
  • He ignored warning signs and chose to continue using silver because it was the only thing he could find that would cure his arthritis, acid reflux and skin disorders.
  • His autopsy showed that he had no medical conditions caused by silver, but the silver caused cosmetic changes only (blue-colored skin).
  • His use of silver stopped the cause of his diseases and saved him from a life of medical sufferings that would have ruined his quality of life.
  • The press erroneously generalizes and includes the use of the Blue Man’s silver as what could happen to all forms of silver.

The Blue Man’s silver was homemade and could easily have been one thousand times more concentrated than commercially sold colloidal silvers.   The comparison of Paul’s silver is likened to the use of moonshine in its exaggerated copying of brand name alcohols.  Homemade silver is unsafe and so is home brewed moonshine.  They both ignore the laws and medical recommendations in manufacturing extreme concentrations.

When you combine a concentration of silver that is 5,000 times more potent than federal standards with a 64 times larger over dose, you get a situation that will accumulate silver in the body, and could only be replicated by using the Blue Man’s silver, or a formula that is far beyond safe and wise use.

The Blue Man was well loved and very charismatic but the silver he drank caused cosmetic symptoms only.  After the Blue Man died, an autopsy was performed to determine what damage silver could have caused.  Dr. Gettler performed the autopsy on the Blue Man and reports, “silver is of slight and perhaps least toxicity, the pneumonia killed him.”  “The silver left the skin smooth and with an almost lustrous look”.  It is reported that Paul loved the softness and smoothness of his lustrous skin while taking colloidal silver.

The results of the autopsy were evaluated by Dr. Allan Landson of the Imperial College London, UK, where he reported that “the silver in his body was not toxic, and is not toxic to humans, it merely causes cosmetic staining”.  With reference to silvers in general, he wrote, “they may not be so dangerous”.

After the Blue Man’s autopsy, a report stated that the his vital organs were all healthy and the silver caused non-medical cosmetic symptoms only.  The Blue Man did not die from ingesting silver.

The science is clear, the Blue Man’s silver is not what is sold on the shelves of reputable health food stores and if you do not use the Blue Man’s silver you will not turn blue.

The Wider Perspective: Comparing Risks

Health Canada has documented that there are 30 people in the last thirty years that have developed argyria (blue skin).  This means that one person per year willingly overdoses to the point that they ignore all the warning signs and continue to drink silver until their skin turns blue. One case per year of stained skin does not constitute a health crisis.

By comparison, there are over 106,000 people that die each year from taking pharmaceutical drugs in America (JAMA).  The Blue Man gets media attention on Oprah while we should be focusing on the rising super-germ epidemic.  The reality is that one in four people who check into the hospital get a hospital acquired infection.  There is no drug solution and the antibiotics are becoming less and less effective while our germs are becoming totally immune to all pharmaceutical drugs.

The average person needs to know the truth about silver: it destroys bacteria viruses and yeast infections, and can be used regularly at home in complete safety without side effects when taken from a reputable high quality structured silver source.

The one person a year that ignores all the warnings and perpetually consumes overdoses of high concentrations of home made silver should not be threatening the use of good safe and beneficial structured silver.  Maybe we should stop the home manufacture of silver like we do for alcohol?

The risk of developing argyria is approximately one in 300 million.  Drinking water is far more risky.  Importantly, the effects of silver do not cause disease, only cosmetic changes that take months or years to develop.  There are months of warnings to notify the user of silver to stop.

Argyria Occurs Gradually

If you do use a home made high concentration of colloidal silver at extremely high doses you may start to turn blue after months of use.  But you will see signs of accumulation around the white (sclera) of the eye, and under fingernails months before your skin begins to change color.  If you see bluing of these organs then you can stop consuming silver and that will end the progress of the bluing of the skin.  Since it takes months and years to begin to accumulate, you will have about a year before you start to get the warning signs of bluish eyes and fingernails before your skin starts to turn blue.  You have total control, and so did the Blue Man.

The EPA reports that 99% of the silver leaves the body by the next day.  So if you take recommended doses of structured, safe silver you will excrete all the silver daily.  The Blue Man chose high doses of high concentrations of silver, and embraced the sociality of being Papa Smurf.  You can choose differently.  It’s as simple as taking a reputable structured silver at recommended doses.

Those who turn blue from silver consumption have such a deep desire to take silver that they consciously see the symptoms developing for months and ignore them.  You will not turn blue on a single dose.  The one person per year that turns blue does it to themselves by conscious choice or total ignorance, and it all could be prevented.

Paul Karason’s Silver

The Blue Man made his own silver by dissolving silver into nitric acid and adding salt to enhance absorption.  Today’s silvers are not made this way and they are non-toxic to humans, especially the structured alkaline silver when used as recommended.

This Blue Man makes a great human-interest story, but we are hurting the world by teaching false information about silver in general just because it comes with a charismatic Papa Smurf character.

What we should do is tell the story with a happy ending: that you too can use silver, but a safer and better formulation that will not turn your skin blue and that can help rid you of the majority of causes of disease.   The miracle ending to this story is that the structured form of silver can serve to protect you from the germs that antibiotics cannot, and do so without the risk of blue skin.

Silver Science

Silver is all around us: it occurs naturally in our soils, water, foods and is used in air purifiers, water purifiers and aerosol products.

In medicine, silver is published in the most credible sources; the Physicians Desk Reference, The United States Pharmacopoeia and JAMA monographs where there are at least 42 silver drugs reviewed and identified for physician use.

In a study published in Science Translational Medicine, researchers from Boston University and Harvard confirmed what Dr’s Pedersen and Leavitt published previously, that by adding trace amounts of silver to common antibiotics, the medications became up to 1,000 times more effective in fighting infections in mice.

Also, study authors said they were surprised and excited to find that the silver-antibiotic combo was able to “re-sensitize” bacteria that had developed a resistance to the drugs. It even extended the effectiveness of the commonly used antibiotic vancomycin to a class of bacteria that was previously immune to its effects.

“We went from basically no killing to substantial killing,” said senior author James Collins, a professor of microbiology at Boston University.

In a series of experiments, Collins and colleagues from Boston University and Harvard University found that even small amounts of silver ran roughshod over some of the toughest bacteria around.  The study suggests that the metal may become a powerful helper in the fight against multi-drug-resistant microbes.

In the Future

Silver will be used for bacteria, viruses and yeast infections.  The greatest benefits I see are in the daily use of alkaline structured silver in preventing viral infections, as was published by Dr Pedersen.  Structured alkaline silver works with the immune system, antioxidants and makes antibiotics 1,000 times more effective while reversing resistant strains of potentially fatal and possibly epidemic bacteria.  The future of silver is that it will save the world from epidemic disease, reverse the antibiotic resistance and should easily qualify for the Nobel Prize in Medicine and Peace, because of the billions of people that will use it to prevent staph, strep, e-coli, ebola, hepatitis, malaria and can do so without a prescription.

The choice is yours…you can accept Silver as its true placement in preventive and antimicrobial, antiviral medicine or you can dwell in the past because you like a charismatic story like Papa Smurf.

The Blue Man should be an icon of silver’s future and an education of the past, not an impediment to expanding the safe and argyria-free benefits of new silver technologies.


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