Wondering how silver impacts viral infections?

This video gives an overview of what viruses are, how they replicate, how silver interferes with virus replication, and how silver can help prevent virus-caused illness.



Virus Replication and Nano Silver – Video Text


Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen. It’s important to talk about viruses right now because they are very contagious and they can have negative impacts on our health, on our economy, on our social life.

Lets take a look at viruses. This is what they look like. Genetic material, meaning RNA or DNA is contained in this capsid. Once this virus, with its claws or it’s landing pad, attaches to the surface of the cell, it injects this genetic material into the cell. When it does so the cell will not function normally because the genetic material combines with the DNA and RNA of the healthy cell, causing it to be abnormal. Abnormal growth can occur. Abnormal function can occur. You know what, that is why you feel so terrible when you get the flu, which is a virus, or any of the other viruses that are out there.

Here is another virus. You know, I have got a model of it right here and its just a hose, I know, but when you talk about this being able to attach to a healthy cell because the end has a very specific locking mechanism then you have something you can talk about in imagery. Here is the actual picture. We’ve taken the end of that basic virus and we are going to show you how inside this virus there is what I have depicted here as RNA, or genetic material. It could also be DNA particles, but they are incomplete. This virus is not alive, nor is it dead but it contains segments, parts of a normal DNA and now injecting it into a healthy cell makes that cell abnormal.

So lets take a look at how that works. I have a cell right here and on the surface of this cell are things called glycoproteins that make shapes. In other words, these are the lock and this is the key and if this specific form and function doesn’t lock on in the right place it can’t actually stay there. It won’t fit into the cell, meaning the cell is a semipermeable membrane. It allows nutrients, it actively transports minerals and vitamins, hormones, and whatever the cell needs but it keeps out anything else. But if a virus lands in those receptor sites and is able to inject that genetic material down into the cell, now you have got an abnormally functioning cell.

Lets take a look inside what that means. When we open it up and we take out the DNA from the cell, let’s take a look at what the DNA is going through. I now have imagery of the DNA and RNA. This is a double-stranded particular product so you have got this component with all this genetic material all of this imprinted on there. And when the cell goes to divide, like it does every 20 minutes it goes through a reader. Now the reader is called transcription. We are transcribing all of that DNA material. And imagine if this were a credit card and this were the scanner of the credit card how it reads all of the material. Now look, that RNA that was injected from the virus has attached to itself onto the normal DNA and now you have a tail of abnormal functioning DNA. It reads it all the way through and guess what happens? Now your DNA is permanently replicating abnormally. […]

Now, what that means is we can actually take this virus and how it floats along and if we block it from attaching to a healthy cell we’ve totally inhibited all the rest of the viral problem. We prevented the disease totally and completely.

So how do we do that? We have to have a molecule that fits right here. These glycoproteins, or this “lock and key” mechanism, has a specific shape. So this is the key and you can take these tiny molecules, nanoparticles, and they an actually fit right into that specific “lock and key” mechanism. Now the virus can’t inject any genetic material into the cell and they can’t even attach to a healthy cell, so you have inactivated the virus and all of the viral activity is irrelevant because the immune system sends macrophages to consume it, totally engulf it, and eliminate it from the body.

This also comes in tiny particle form called silver nanoparticles. You can drink them, or you can put gel in your body, or you can inhale them even, and once they get in your bloodstream they are going to go right into this selective space and just like a lock and key you are going to shut off or prevent this mechanism from happening.

Now, I have published a paper on the prevention of influenza and what happens is that very thing. If this is the influenza virus, silver is consumed twice daily, the nanoparticles get in the bloodstream, fit right into that mechanism, blocking it, and now you have the ability to prevent a viral infection. […]

Imagine this going on in your kidneys and your liver, and your heart, your brain, all these different things all at the same time simply because you had a virus inject abnormal RNA into the normal cell. It replicated abnormally. […]

That is what is happening here with viruses. They go into the cell and they cause absolute nonsense in duplication and you produce 10,000 more viruses that bud off or rupture out and scatter through your body and they do the same thing to more and more and more cells. So absolutely you could destroy tissue even to the point where death from viral attack could occur because your cells are dividing abnormally.

With that in mind, lets take a look at this one last time. If I was to take this virus and I wanted to get rid of it completely and totally forever we have to use the immune system. The thing people realize now is that even when you get a vaccination, it relies on your immune system to build up a response to protect you and have memory against this shape so that you won’t have any binding of the virus to healthy cells, so you won’t have any viral infections. Now, macrophages one at a time flock to the virus and cover it and coat it, then its eliminated from the body.

But I am suggesting one more thing can be done: silver nanoparticles. Drink them twice a day. They come in and they plug this particular “lock and key” mechanism. They coat the surface in a way that this cannot bind to any healthy cells anymore. And when you add to it the macrophages from the immune system you get total coverage of the virus and now this virus is no longer active and it will be gone, out of your system tomorrow.

So my recommendation: drink two teaspoons twice a day of silver nanoparticles and help your immune system prevent viral infections.


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