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Hello, I’m Dr. Gordon Pedersen. I’m the Medical Director of the Silver Health Institute, and I want you to recognize the history of silver.

It’s part of our mission statement to recognize that a thousand years ago, silver was nothing more than a coin thrown in a barrel to inhibit bacterial growth. A hundred years ago, the new ionic forms and colloids were starting to show up, and they got a lot of really good benefits, medically speaking. Then in the last ten years, there has been new aquasol technology, and even patents have been developed throughout this time period.

But now, at the Silver Health Institute, we’re identifying new and improved forms of silver.

Not just aquasols, not just colloids or ionics, but actual structured silver with benefits like alkalinity, so that your body can use it every single day. As you can see, I’m proud to help write research and deliver the new and improved message of the new and improved silver.

In fact, these silvers are being studied at the pharmaceutical levels. A pharmaceutical company called Nelson Labs has tested them and found that the new and improved structural alkaline silver outperforms all the rest. This is significant because it’s a silver designed for your body to be used every single day.


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